Why your dreams aren’t big enough

I had this dream of traveling the world and writing a blog. I dreamed of writing in a way that inspired people to look at everyday things in a different light, or maybe in the same light but just with a little less judgement.

I know it’s not the most original dream – writing and traveling, but it was mine and I was going after it.

Now, after 8 months of plotting and planning I’m here, sat in the very moment I’ve been dreaming of.

There’s only one problem……. I don’t know what to do next.

The dream never went any further than getting here. I never actually imagined myself following things through. I never allowed myself to get into the detail of what was involved after.

Paralysed in this moment, there’s a sense of familiarity – I’ve been here before. Grand plans, but no follow through. I’m great at going after dreams, paint the perfect picture, sell the vision to get everyone on board.

But then after blast off, there’s nothing. I’m just left floating around until the next big idea, the next dream.

Maybe it’s self-sabotage or just bad planning. But why, when it comes to executing our dreams, the things that by their very definition we truly want, are we so often completely under prepared?

Take losing weight or getting fit for example – once you hit your target you can’t just stop trying. If you did, you’d end up back at the beginning.

There’s only one answer – dream bigger.

Look past the first glimpse of success and ask yourself, what comes next?

What does it take to make this dream sustainable?

By taking the time to explore every angle, every possibility and make some plans past the first accomplishment, you’re setting yourself up to not just tick your dreams off, but to actually live them.

Because, your dreams definitely don’t end here.

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